Natural Twist Set Hairstyle from Ashley Wright

Finally!!! Natural hair freedom has arrived! It is time to twist and shout for this beautifully composed twist set! This lovely model, Crystal, is working wonders with this style accentuating her feminine power! This luscious look has the added bonus of easy upkeep and maintenance.  

Salon: Karline’s Salon
Stylist: Ashley Wright
Model: Crystal
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

This natural short to medium Bob cut is a clash of two trendy styles. Twist sets are one of the longest lasting and easy up-keep styles: meanwhile, the Bob haircut is a diverse and heavy hitter in the hair world.

Hitting just below the nape, this cut adds some length moving towards the sides, framing the face as pretty as a picture! The coils are thick yet manageable. Stylist, Ashley Wright, at Karline’s Salon, obviously took great care to prepare the hair to shine and exude health after styling! This well polished Bob from Ashley, kills the fears that many have about a twist set…those dreadful frizzies! But now, have no fear! You have a stylist and salon that can bring your twist set vision to life, and kill your fears of frizz.

This salon is complete with an atmosphere of and the knowledgeable and experienced hands to match. These experts takes the time to give Grade- A customer care to each appointment every time. Timely and effective services are priorities for Karline’s Salon.  

Make your appointment via the convenience of the website, by phone, or even stop in and set up your new look today! Let this multi- functional twist set bob make your natural pop in a fresh yet classic hybrid style! Welcome to 2018, where professionals like Ashley and the staff of Karline’s Salon located in the lovely West Palm Beach Florida. This style is the expected result of the natural beauty of a woman shining in a style, with an added twist (pun intended).

Give Ashley Wright a call at (561) 471-0900 and let her create your next signature hairstyle.

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