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Beyonce-Knowles-219x300At Universal Salons, it is our mission to provide our viewers with the most up-to-date trends and looks for women who love to look their best. With that in mind, we are honored to unveil our new celebrity section on our website,

In our newly created celebrity section, we will share the latest looks and styles of the world’s most famous celebrities. As these celebrity women attend various film premieres, yearly awards shows, or other important celebrity events or casual get-togethers, we will share their up-to-date images with you. It is our hope that, by sharing celebrities’ hairstyles and fashion trends, you will be empowered to give yourself a fresh, new look. Our premier stylists pride themselves in creating vibrant, trendy, beautiful hairstyles all the time. As new celebrity looks emerge, you will be able to have access to our stylists’ similar family of looks by clicking on the links we provide for you. With this new feature, we will show you that it is entirely possible to achieve a gorgeous, celebrity-inspired hairstyle.

Halle-Berry-NEWWe will also run continuous articles on a featured celebrity, showing off their lovely new hairstyle, and giving our readers some tips and pointers for achieving and maintaining each individual look for themselves.

We are grateful to our viewers, and strive to make our website as informational as possible. It 
is our hope that our new celebrity section will offer you even more ideas for creating your own classic style and beautiful look.

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