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tangle2Tangled cords and wires are always a problem when dealing with electric equipment, especially when one has numerous cords to deal with, as is the case with businesses such as hair salons. However, salon maintenance can be made greatly easier with the help of the Tangle Free Cord Retractor. Salon solutions like this can make the organization of one’s business a breeze. One of the hottest new trends in salon maintenance, the Tangle Free Cord Retractor can assist hair salons with their organization needs. The Tangle Free Cord Retractor can be installed anywhere as long as nothing obstructs the cord. Small and compact, it can be hidden out of sight or mounted in a cupboard. If the ceiling is over 12 feet tall, then Tangle Free can even be hung from the ceiling, to provide easy access and a fantastic way to save space. (However, do not hang hot appliances from the ceiling, as this poses a safety hazard.) Salon innovations such as this do not come around often! One of the best new salon solutions, the Tangle Free Cord Retractor is easy to set up and use; one has to simply wind a cord through Tangle Free’s main body and then enjoy the fabulous organization provided by new salon innovations. New trends such as the Tangle Free Cord Retractor provide excellent convenience to hair salons and other businesses. With the help of the Tangle Free Cord Retractor, one will never have to worry about tangled cords and wires again! For more information about TANGLE FREE, call (910) 483-3707

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  1. I would like to know about the tangle free cord retractor. How much is it? And how do I order it? Also, I saw in video it comes in white & black. I would like the black one. Thanks

  2. I’m checking everywhere for he product but can’t find any site /store selling them. Anyone has any info? Is the company still operating?


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