Nikia Gorham’s Color “Me” Bad Short Mohawk Hairstyle with Highlights

Salon: Transcending Innovations Beauty
Stylist: Nikia Gorham
Model: Nikia

This is one of the most youthful and adventurous black hairstyles still making waves amongst the music and Hollywood elite. It’s a short hairstyles favorite that mimics the rebelliousness of a punk mohawk, yet remains flattering and versatile.

Stylists should know that all hair color choices for this style are free-game. The trick to creating the full and forward look is to find the point of the head’s crown. Everything below this mark should be cropped with a number one or two short black hairstyles clipper. Traditional tapering and curling techniques should be incorporated, but always remember to overestimate the volume of hair needed to create the “mohawk plus” appearance.

Use hair color dyes and gels that are pH neutral, so the color of this style can be changed often without undue damage to the hair or scalp.

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