Ocean Waves Hairstyle with Pin Curls from Deedra McLeod

Salon: Beautiful U
Stylist: Deedra Mcleod
Model: Redenia
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

You should come to Beautiful U Hair Salon located in Hartsville, SC, if you are looking to be a little sassy and flirty on the job or after five. The stylist here created this style rocking finger waves in the back and a hearty fringe pin curls on top laced with a pop of blue and blonde accent colors throughout this trendy black hairstyle. This is a unique and trendy sculpted black hairstyle for women. Specifically, a black hairstyle like this is definitely for a woman who has a vibrant and vivid personality and doesn’t mind expressing it thru her hair do!. This style by Beautiful U simply reflects fun and uniqueness. It’s not too much for the office but certainly perfect for the party scene, club or special event. This particular black hairstyle by the stylist of Beautiful U Hair Salon is also firmly sculpted and laid so that it will last for days and possibly a couple of weeks depending on how you wrap it while you sleep. Naturally this black hairstyle by Beautiful U Hair Salon would be a perfect choice for a magazine spread. The pin curls are loose and flow downward to sweep right above the eyes. This stylist at Beautiful U Hair Salon may have chosen to use hair pieces instead of lifting and coloring the hair based off of the initial client consultation and analysis of the hair. There are great benefits to clip ins in addition to having so much fun without a lot of commitment. There really is no risk of irritating your scalp or putting fragile hair through bleaching and color processing. Finger waves is also a great style to wear when you are out growing a tapered cut on the nape of you neck. Sometimes the hair doesn’t grow long enough and you have to come up with different hairstyles ways while you wait for your cut to grow out. This style ultimately was a creative move by the stylist Beautiful U Hair Salon of Hartsville, SC. When you are looking to spice things up a little and add tasteful personality to your hairstyle come see what the stylist of Beautiful U Hair Salon of Hartsville, SC may design for you!

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