Pamela Webster's "Twist with a Dry Wave" and Braids Hairstyle


August / 2014

Pamela Webster’s “Twist with a Dry Wave” and Braids Hairstyle


Salon: Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon
Stylist: Pamela Webster
Model: Elizabeth

There are many gorgeous black hairstyles that modern women of color can adorn in their hair. This hairstyle here is a perfect example of one of the many intricate African American hairstyles that can be done at a variety of black hair salons. Part of her hair looks like an elegant wavy braid, lose enough that it cascades over her shoulders, but styled enough so it stays in place. The other half is covered in intricate braided patterns, traveling around that part of her head to the base of her skull. The is the perfect hairstyle if you want sophistication with a bit of personality.

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