Ponytail Hairstyle with Ridges, Twist and Highlights from Shontelise Crutch

Salon: Fabstylez Hair & Braid Studio

Stylist: Shontelise Crutch

Model: Latoya B

Shontelise Crutch has designed yet another hairstyle that leaves people demanding more great pieces of art like this one. The twist set as can be seen is absolutely stunning and the ponytail styles are done also beautifully. The color applied and the weave as well as the updo are some of the finest work one can find nowadays. The twist set, ponytail hairstyles, color, hair extensions, and updo are all able to blend together perfectly to bring out the true beauty of the model. This fine piece of work truly makes Shontelise Crutch one of the best hairstyles the beauty industry has to offer nowadays. This hairstyle is another fine piece of art added to the resume of Shontelise Crutch.



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