“Purple Reign” Hairstyle Extensions from Amber McClain

“Purple Reign” Hairstyle Extensions from Amber McClain

Salon: The Cut Barbershop
Stylist: Amber McClain
Salon Phone#: (850) 696-8481
Model: Latasha
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

It’s everyone wish to look stylish in the present world; hence here are the modern hairstyles that shouldn’t pass you by and you also get to learn how do them. They not only enhance your appearance but also keep you at the peak of the trendiest hairstyles in fashion.

The Bob Hairstyles
Bob hairstyles give almost everyone a glamorous and sophisticated look. They’re easy to care and maintain them. They are perfect for an active life; they go from work to dates with elegance and ease. They aren’t limited to any age group.
Black bob hairstyles are okay, but, if you are looking for an edgier and a flashier look, consider a purple highlighted hairstyle. The purple highlight changes the usual monotone shade of your hair color to a shiner, fascinating hue. The purple highlight is ideal for dark complexion, but also works with various light complexions tones.

Steps to create a bob hairstyle
Dampen the hair and split it into seven sections: right side, left side, top, right crown, left crown, right nape, and left nape. Leave some hair hanging down at the bottom all around. To enable you to work on each section at a time, clip each section to keep it in place. Re-dampen the hair if it starts to dry.
Leave the right side and left side sections as they are.
Move to the nape section and cut it straight across to the length you need it to be. Begin with an inch-wide section, and then use it as a guide to cut the rest. Since the front and back have different lengths, adjust the length to have a smooth line from back to front.
The crown and top section should be cut to a length longer than the nape but shorter than the right and left section.
Blow-dry the hair and use scissors to make corrections. Use a flat iron to smooth the hair and a curling iron to turn the edges up at the top section.

The take away
Bob hairstyles are for everyone; with low maintenance and easy steps of creating it, it’s the ideal hairstyle for you. This black hairstyle with purple highlight gives you a flashier and fantastic look.

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