Rainbow Hair Color Quick Weave with Lace Closure Mermaid Hairstyle from Tiffany Hudson

Rainbow Hair Color Quick Weave with Lace Closure Mermaid Hairstyle from Tiffany Hudson

Riding the trendy wave is not always a bad idea. When a trend is HOT, how can you not hop on the bandwagon and indulge on a new look?! Professional stylist Tiffany Hudson has given us a new style crush that is still hot off the presses. Look at this rainbow hair color quick weave with lace closure mermaid hairstyle!


Rainbow Hair Color Quick Weave with Lace Closure Mermaid Hairstyle


Salon: Crystal Clear Salon & Spa

Stylist: Tiffany Houston

Model: Karla

Make Up: Joycelyn Combs


Who does not love a good Bob? We all do, especially a custom Bob. Tiffany Hudson and her top-notch skills has designed from scratch a blonde and multi colored quick weave. Weaves are coveted because of the versatility and the convenience. Many-on- the-go women prefer the chance to try more unique looks, without actually committing to altering their hair. Having a stylist that can design, install perfectly, and then style your hair is rare. Here, Tiffany utilized two installation techniques to achieve this look. A quick weave was put in for the color, and a lace front closure sealed the style.


Tiffany styled this bob with mermaid vibes in mind. Blonde top layers from the closure gives a trendy segway into beautiful curls full of pastel hues of whimsical aqua marine, ginger, lavender, salmon, pink and platinum blonde. These fantasy colors just became reality! With the rainbow color popping, it is the perfect curls that completes the look. Each curl enhances the color, together creating a polished center parted bob. A style like this can last for at least 2 weeks if tenderly taken care of. A simple bonnet at night would go a long way to stretch the Crispness of the style.


Introducing Tiffany Hudson from Crystal Clear Salon and Spa


Greensboro and Durham North Carolina is the home of Tiffany Hudson and Crystal Clear Salon and Spa. Tiffany has a knack for creating and ample experience to support it. The professional yet friendly environment of Crystal Clear makes it a prime place to unwind and recharge your style. Trust Tiffany with your wildest hair dreams and book your appointment online through universalsalons.com or directly calling the salon.

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