Rasheeda Berry’s “Red Carpet Edge” Formal Updo

Salon: Godly Image Hair Studio Inc.
Stylist: Rasheeda Berry
Model: Praise
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

This style is very formal and might require a braid or extensions to complete the look. It  was created by Rasheeda Berry from Godly Image Hair Studio in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Phone number (850) 862-3200. This is a very trendy style that is also very glamorous. Furthermore, it is a great look for those with long straight or wavy hair. However, it is also easy to get the look by flat ironing the hair and adding a few extensions. Here are more details on getting this fabulous look.

Creating the style takes a bit of time. However, a professional stylist is able to create this style with the wave of a magic comb, and a few styling tools. Start with hair that is freshly shampooed and conditioned. Straight and wavy hair should rock this style naturally. However, it is perfectly alright to relax or flat iron the hair for a smooth finish.

Separate the hair into 3 sections. There should be a crown section. Pin down the crown section. Part the hair in the back, down the middle to the nape of the neck. Pull hair into a knot and pin down firmly. Take a ponytail extension and attach to the crown of the head. Use your imagination to create a fabulous style that wraps around the top of the crown. Pin firmly to your own natural hair. Attach an extension to the left side and right side of the back of the head. Twist the extensions in the back together or braid together. Add an attractive hair clip. Spray with oil sheen or hair spray.

Would you like a professionally trained stylist to create this gorgeous formal, updo style for you? Contact Rasheeda Berry from Godly Image Hair Studio in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Phone number (850) 862-3200 for more information on this hot and trending look for black hair styles.

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