Retro Ringlets by Juanita: Elegant With a Punch

Retro Ringlets by Juanita: Elegant With a Punch


Model: KATIE G


Juanita Williams is a stylist, hair dresser, and make-up artist. Juanita preformed to the highest of her amazing ability when she styled this elegant black and red style. The color of this hair style, modeled by Katie Goulet, is a smoldering blackish brown with highlights of deep crimson red. This cut just reaches the models chest and is perfectly curled with long black and red spirals. The red punches the style up from elegant to glamorous. The hair is at a slight mid part with short layers curled by her face and flipping towards the rest of the hair. The final elegance of this style is shown at the back where the curls settle together and the red highlights are subtle and almost invisible adding an extra surprise when the model turns around to reveal her elegant punch of red highlights. Makekup by Enrika Wilds

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