Rocker Chic Bob Hairstyle from Erma Stephens


Salon: Heads Above Hair Salon
Stylist: Erma Stephens
Model: Damia
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The Rocker Chic Bob hairstyle is ideal for every woman as it embraces both a professional and a fun look. It brings out the best of your facial features and is easy to maintain. The hairstyle has been very popular and it is still drawing attention in a positive way. Erma Stephens brings a twist to the hairstyle by including some hair color. If you are ever in the Crestview, FL area, stop by and let Erma create one of her signature hairstyles for you. Erma is the owner of Head’s Above Hair Studio, one of the premiere black hair salons in Crestview FL and and surrounding areas.  If you are looking for a sexy look, that is chick and eye-catching, this is the ideal hairstyle for you. The following guide offers the steps you should follow to create it.

Step-by-step Guide
The guide below provides you with a systematic way on how to ideally create the rocker chic bob hairstyle. You need to have the all tools and materials plus the hair extensions ready before you can get started.

Hair preparation

Thoroughly shampoo your hair using a good shampoo
Blow-dry your hair to straighten it

Creating the rocker chic bob hairstyle

Part some hair at the crown

By parting the hair, you will divide it into two equal sections. Part the center part of the crown and tie it together or plait it.

Plait lines on the remaining hair

Plait the rest of the hair into neat lines. The lines provide the outline for plaiting the hair extensions.

Sew on the hair extensions

Neatly sew on the hair extensions to cover all the lines. It is advisable that you use two hair extensions to ensure you get a fuller feel and texture.

Attach the highlights to add some color

To provide some fun and capture the eye, find a highlight with a bright color. Selectively attach the highlight in some sections of your hair.

Release the hair at the crown

Release the hair at the crown and allow it blend in with the rest of the hair. However, this section must be straightened.

Comb the hair down

Comb the hair down so that it blends in with the rest of the hair. At this point, you will leave a clear division of hair right at the center of the crown.

Oil your hair

Rub some oil on the palm of your hand and apply it onto your hair to provide a nice shine and glamour so your hair is fun and flexible.

Tong the bottom part of the hair

Style as desired and tong the bottom section of your hair so that it folds in rather than going straight to the shoulders.

This is one of the bet black hairstyles in the market currently. It is advisable that you do not it yourself at home. Instead, you should have a professional attend to it to bring out the best results. Meet the creator of the hairstyle at the Head’s Above Hair Studio in Crestview, FL. You can also book an appointment with the stylist or contacts her on (850) 244-3297. For women who love bob hairstyles, this will rock your outlook.

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