Savvy Smart Sexy Short Locks Updo Hairstyle You Will Love

Finding the right hairstyle that fits your needs when you are near the beginning of your locks journey can be a little daunting. Professional hairstylist Charo Thomas from Hair Rejuvenation by Charo Hair Salon in Fayetteville, NC created just such a look with this beautiful short locks updo hairstyle. This updo is perfect for any busy professional who wants to travel their locks journey and look great doing it. The style features an elegant aquamarine hair color in the top and an intricate crossover technique in the back. The aquamarine is bold enough to grab the attention of any room, yet subtle enough to be accepted in any corporate setting. Charo Thomas from Hair Rejuvenation by Charo created an excellent short locks updo hairstyle that will look good for any occasion.

Stylist: Charo Thomas
Salon: Hair Rejuvenation by Charo in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 964-4052
Model: Lamirica
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

It All Starts With The Locks

The foundation of this updo are the model’s well-maintained locks. Locks hairstyles are one of the hottest looks in the black hair industry right now. They are a great way to keep your hair healthy. Locks don’t require the harsh chemicals found in some relaxers. You won’t be subjecting your hair to the intense heat that other hairstyles require also. Locks don’t require as many trips to the salon as other hairstyles also. Maybe one of the most important reasons many of today’s African American women are embracing a locks lifestyle is because it also pays tribute to our rich African culture.

Short Locks Updo Hairstyle

Charo Thomas created this short locks updo hairstyle by first lifting her model’s natural hair color in the top. She then created a custom aquamarine hair color specifically for this model using different hues of emerald and blue. The hair color is definitely a signature aspect of this hairstyle. While it may look perfect for this particular model, be very careful when you have a procedure like this for yourself. Charo explains that a hair color procedure on locks could get a little tricky so you really need to utilize a trusted professional for the service. She says that improper application of the lightening agent could lead to the lock getting weak and falling off. You should always trust something as important as your hair to the hands of a trusted, licensed professional like Charo Thomas from Hair Rejuvenation by Charo.

To finish off this short locks updo hairstyle, Charo used a crossover technique in the back and around the sides. The hair was then tied underneath and pinned into place. In the top, Charo used a looping technique to create the cascading locks you see underneath the hair color. The final result is an elegant short locks updo hairstyle that is designed to be beautiful and low maintenance at the same time.

At-Home Maintenance

To keep this hairstyle looking salon fresh, simply tie the hair up at night and you’re done. Also, if you decide to take this short locks updo hairstyle down, your locks will automatically have movement and texture. You will need to come into the salon every four months for a locks maintenance routine that includes a shampoo, conditioner, and re-twist.

Introducing Charo Thomas from Hair Rejuvenation by Charo in Fayetteville, NC

Charo Thomas is a professional hairstylist located at Hair Rejuvenation by Charo located at 3035 Legion Rd., Suite – 105, in Fayetteville, NC. Stop by her salon and let her create a signature hairstyle like this short locks updo hairstyle for you. You can also give Charo a call at (910) 964-4052.

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