Shakia Allen’s “Purple Rain” Sew-In Long Hairstyle with Color and Curls

Salon: 10 Gems Salon
Stylist: Shakia Allen
Model: Shantel

There are many of today’s black hairstyles that look beautiful and enhance any appearance. Curly hairstyles are popular and create a hot look that will have you looking like a model in no time. To begin, you will need a full sew-in to achieve this look. You should use a quality brand of track hair. A quality brand will last longer and not cause you to deal with a lot of annoying hair shedding in your sink, floors, etc. Since there will be various hair colors to choose from. However, this particular hair color is called Deep Burgundy-Red. Then ask for a closure in the same color. You will want to ask the sales clerk for Deep Wavy curly hair. The sew-in be in a 14-inch or 16-inch, depending on your preference.¬†


Once your own hair is braided up tightly, but not too tight. Then your beautiful new hair is sewn onto your braids, beginning at the nap of your head and continuing around the head until all the braids are covered. A braid in the front should be left out for this natural parted look. The closure is then sewn down on top of the crown of your head to cover the tracks and complete the look. Lightly brush hair down from the closure. Use a hot flat iron to smooth and create a large swoop-curl in the front. Use some finishing spray for a polished look. Now you look like a model ready for the world to see.


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