Shanna Cato’s “Blond Diva” Short Hairstyle with Highlights

Salon: Salon Divinity 83
Stylist: Shanna Cato
Model: Deina

Highlights are all the rage in black hairstyles. A pop of blonde or red can add dimension to your head and express your sense of style. When it comes to short hairstyles, keeping some length on top to be colored and curled is the easiest option for adding highlights. A wave design in the back adds visual interest without detracting from the main event on top. This style works great on ladies who want to showcase their face; it also works especially well for wearing a statement earring. Keep your style fresh and up to date with this fabulous look!

1 thought on “Shanna Cato’s “Blond Diva” Short Hairstyle with Highlights”

  1. I am really admiring your work. The model was already beautiful and your style accented her beauty. I will be sure to stop in and check out your shop the next time I am in your area. God Bless.


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