Shauna Robinson’s Bob Life Pink Fusion Hairstyle

Salon: Salon Cheveux Int’l
Stylist: Shauna Robinson
Model: Ashley

Certain bob hairstyles like this one are perfect for women with rounder faces and non-prominent necklines. It is a combination between youthful punk black hairstyles, and ultra-modern urban expression. It’s a colorful and classy interpretation of popular black haircuts that could easily be shown in church, or on the red carpet.

The secret to black haircuts like these are prompting the locks, or extensions against their normal hanging pattern. Achieve straightness and choice color with foil and brush, but work in a mirrored fashion. First address the underside of the long portion. With an extra wide part create a false bob. Then use careful manual techniques to helix and taper the short side to match the longest point of the dyed portion. Don’t shorten anything until contours are achieved.

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