Shauna Robinson’s “Forever Blonde” Natural Hairstyle

This natural hairstyle has been accented with extensions and hair color. The look was created by Charlotte NC cosmetologist Shauna Robinson from Salon Cheveux Int’l. Let Shauna create your next hairstyle. Give her a call at (704) 727-2959.There are many beautiful hairstyles for black women to choose from. A short haircut offers a magnificent look for women. This choice of style can bring out the face structure and highlight characteristics that long hair would normally hide. A trendy short haircut with extensions is becoming popular among black women. It is an easy hairstyle to create. This haircut with extensions can provide a sense of longer hair with blonde highlights. The blonde color can accent the short hair and give it a flirty appearance. This short hair with extensions is easy to take care of and maintain. It will leave you with more time to spend doing other things instead of fixing your hair in the mornings. Some women can get up and run a comb through their hair and go out the door without any doing anything else to their hair. It also saves money because it requires fewer hair products to be used than what long hair would require.

Hair: Shauna Robinson / Salon: Salon Cheveux Int’l / Model: Shauna Robinson

There are only a few steps that are needed to achieve the short blonde extension hairstyle. The first step is to shampoo and condition the hair thoroughly. This is a good idea and allows you to begin the transformation with a clean scalp. Once the hair is rinsed thoroughly, use a towel to speed up the drying process. To begin cutting or trimming the hair, it is important to use sharp hair cutting scissors or trimmers. If you normally part your hair, you can do so before the cutting begins. Start with the back of the head and begin cutting the hair. The hair can be cut in a bob like the style and the ends can be tapered. The tapered ends give the hair a unique blending look. The sides of the hair can be longer than the back of the hair. It will give the hair a neat appearance and offer a different stylish look from the front and side view.


Once the hair is the proper length in the back and sides you can taper the ends of the longer hair if desired. Now it is time to attach the blonde extensions for a longer highlighted appearance. Blonde extensions can be clipped into the base of the scalp or sewn into the roots of the scalp. Whichever extensions you choose to use; they both will still give the same blonde lengthy style. It is a good idea to have the extensions put into your hair by a professional because it can be a tedious job to do. To achieve this sexy look, the extensions can be applied to lay on one side fo the hair. It gives the side a blonde flirty look and the hair on the other side and back can stay natural. Once the extensions are put in place you can comb the hair to intertwine the blonde with the natural hair color. This allows the blonde to blend into the black natural hair and not look out of place. For the final touch, you can add some hairspray to keep the hair in place. Now it is time to admire your new creative hair. Friends and family will be excited about the natural hairstyle and will want to find out where you got it done at.

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