Shauna Robinson’s Long Blue Moon Curly Hairstyle

Salon: Salon Cheveux Int’l
Stylist: Shauna Robinson
Model: Shauna

If you want romantic beach waves, this hairstyle is easy to achieve. It will give you a look that will say that you’re casually enjoying life. To get your beach waves that has an electrifying bolts of blue color, simply follow the steps:

01. To start with, shampoo and condition your hair with a non-sulfate shampoo.

02. Now divide you’re here into four sections. Use a butterfly clip to hold off three sections so that you can work with one section. 

03. Next line make a loose braid and fasten your hair with a safe elastic.

04. Repeat this step for the remaining three sections.

05. Go under a soft bonnet dryer and let your hair fully dry. 

06. When your hair has finished drying gently loosen your braids. 

07. Use your fingers and not a comb to softly loosen your hair. Notice the soft waves?

08. Now it’s time to apply icing to the proverbial cake.

09. Use a temporary electric blue color to streak your hair. 

Now you have loose be beach waves with a bolt of blue!

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