Short Blonde Hairstyle with Tapered Sides from Katina King

Retro Hairstyle with a Modern Flair

If you like short hairstyles for black women with lots of texture, depth, and interest, then this is certainly a look for you. You will feel like a queen in this do inspired in part by the beehive. And yet, it is so much more than that 70’s do. It is a look for the modern times.

Salon: Allure
Stylist: Katina King
Model: LaTanga
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Wanting to go blond is natural- however, will you want to go back afterwards? It is hard to say because this cut is too much fun. It also causes minimal damage to the hair as well. So that is quite nice for people who feel like they need a little bit of hair risk but they don’t want to have it snapping off. When you have short hair, one of the joys is to bleach it because that doesn’t cause too much risk at that stage.

The hair will be fun to do with this as well. Soft waved pieces fold to the center. There is a lot of layering going on here with the strands. And the back is cut short to the head. That means that there will be no fussing with the sides of the haircut for a while.

Katina King at Allure Salon

If this is the look that you must have, then book in with Katina King at Allure Salon in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Just call (850) 855-2317 to get a hold of the friendly staff. They will set you up with everything that you need to have the best appointment possible.

And you will come out of it with hair that looks different than what you have ever tried before. You will be impressed too that it is so much of a joy to style. You might look forward to setting your alarm ten minutes early to style your hair. But don’t worry, once you have it mastered, it will take you two.

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