Short Bob Hairstyle with Hair Color from Marcus Doss

Salon: Marcus Doss Salon
Stylist: Marcus Doss
Model: Naudia

There are main variations of the infamous short bob haircut. It is a way where you can make your hair effortlessly look amazing and sexy. This short bob was created by Marcus Doss at Marcus Doss Salon in Fayetteville NC. They offer amazing styles and quality. Let’s get started, there are many different kinds of bobs, but today we will be showing you the way to have this high quality haircut with little to no work. So to preface, this is a style that can be used in a multitude of ways, you can have it smooth and sleek if you want to be more professional or you could have it curled to give a more of a playful, but still sexy look.
First, we will teach you how to do the curled version (note you will need a curling iron for this one). If you want to get the most volume for your hair you can just work with your normal texture, but you can blow dry you hair if you want. To get started you want to take a few sections around your the top of your head and wrap them around the iron. Remove the curl and gently pull your hair so that you do not get too much curl, but you still get some volume. Once you are finished curling the hair that you want, I would recommend not doing too much to keep this look more natural. Finally, add a little hair spray to keep this look in place as long as you want. This version of the bob haircut can be worn professionally and takes very little maintenance.
Now we’ll be showing you the more sexy and professional look. Keep in mind both these looks do not require tons of effort, but this is the style that Marcus specializes in and it really works. First, wet your hair and you want to make sure that you have a softer texture to start this look. You do not need a curling iron for this look, but you will need a bit more time to get this look working well. To start part your hair to one side and pull the front fringe away from your face. To secure your hair if it does not stay naturally then you can use bobby pins to keep it in place, but most people will not need this. Take some of hair that you have not pulled and allow it to stay over part of your forehead. You can brush your hair in the back if you want to add a little to this look. This look can take a little bit of practice to perfect, but after you figure out to do it can be a regular in your arsenal.
The short bob hairstyle is an amazing low maintenance look that can make anyone look sexy within minutes. I hope that you have learned something and be sure to check out Marcus Doss Salon!


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