Short Curly Hairstyle with Hair Color from Karline Ricketts

Short Hair thrills! This fierce yet chic short curly hairstyle gives way to opposite spectrums of beauty! A wonderful contrast of dark to light. This elegant hairstyle was created and executed by Karline Ricketts, the owner and operator of Karline’s Salon. Her extraordinary vision for this look is a favorite!

Who said short hair has to be boring? Let this two-toned look change that stigma. Since rumor has it, that blondes have the most fun…that means it is time to party! This two toned- do is just the do for you! The longer parts of this style feature a clean festive blonde atop the classic and elegant dark. That is what I call a match made in heaven. Whether it is party time or time to get serious, this look won’t disappoint.


Salon: Karline’s Salon
Stylist: Karline Ricketts
Model: Rhondia
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Short, Curly, Beautiful

With the sides of the hair close to the head, the silhouette of your face will shine bright. Weather your favorite feature is your smile, eyes, cheekbones or jawline, a tailored style by a knowledgeable and skilled professional makes all the difference! A cut such as this accentuates the neck and can even takes years from the appearance! Adding gentle bumps of curls in the cut softens the look.

Karline’s Salon is a fully capable salon that is more than able to take make your style to new levels. Located in the lovely city of West Palm Beach Florida, this hair salon can bring your hair dreams to reality or create a great look for you. With outstanding customer service, timely service, and dependable professionals happy to help, Karline’s Salon would be your new salon home! Book your appointment now by calling or visiting their website to schedule your appointment and/ or consultation.  Whether you go with this sassy style, or another lovely look, or even getting a custom cut, you cannot go wrong with Karline of Karline’s Salon. Give Karline a call at (561) 471-0900 and let her create your next signature hairstyle.


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