SHORT HAIR STYLES from Alnetta Faye Cooper

Salon: FAYE’S HAIR GRAPHICS / Stylist: Alnetta Faye Cooper / Model: Dean H

This short hairstyle is an incredibly chic look for women. The short cut combines very short layers and longer layers, along with lightly colored highlights. The back of this hairstyle has very short piece of hair that are brushed to the side, creating a very stylish look. This hairstyle is great for women seeking a style that is easy to manage every morning, but can also be styled for going out to dinner and more formal events. 

This look also has short bangs in the front that can be styled with a mini circular brush. The top pieces of this hairstyle are slightly curled to create a look that is very elegant and classy. This is a great look for women of all ages seeking a style that is very easy to manage.


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