Curly & Dramatic Short Hairstyle from William Guthridge

Salon: Sir William Hair Design @ Salon Boutique


Model: Talita V

Curly & Dramatic

Veteran stylist “Sir William” A. Guthridge Junior has an impressive record. After over 25 years in the cosmetology industry, his “Royal Touch” black hairstyles have been worn by celebrities and featured in magazines. Short hairstyles like Talita’s are just one of his specialties. Talita’s bi-level cut features a decorative swirl at the nape. The top section of hair, from the crown is curled downward just slightly and spiked at the top In the front, dramatically long bangs are spiral curled and hang off to one side, to emphasize the color. Hairstyles with spiral curls are great for accenting highlights and streaks, like the caramel-toned foil weave in Talita’s bangs. Finally, the top section is slightly tousled, to soften up the curls, leaving a few ringlets.

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