Short Hairstyle with Salt & Pepper Flips from Nancy Hamilton

Salon: LADY OF GRACE / Stylist: NANCY HAMILTON / Model: Denise B

Black hairstyles expert Nancy Hamilton has created some adorable short hairstyles. Her work has been featured in more than one issue of Hype Hair Magazine. Curly hairstyles are one of her special talents, like this salt and pepper flip, modeled by Denise Barriteau. This short hairstyle begins with a tight cut, clean at the edges and graduated for a little bit of length at the top and in the front. Sides are cut close up to the temples and trimmed clean around the edges. To style this ‘do, begin with a wrap, curled tightly around the head with a very small iron. Once the curls are set, separate with the fingertips, just to break up the lines and create a little flip at the front.


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