Short Haircut with Spikes and Highlights from Ereka Fielding



Model: HOPE M

Hope is sporting a short hairstyle, which is perfect for anyone who wants a sassy hair do that will not take hours to style in the morning. The hairstyle is anything but boring! Rather than a bland short crop- it features a creative use of color, a tapered neck, and spikes.

The color is natural throughout this hairstyle, with bronze highlights in the front that highlight her face. The use of color really defines the look and separates it from run of the mill short hairstyles. The spikes in the back of the hairstyle can be emphasized for a night out on the town or downplayed for a day in the office. While some may find a hairstyle that features spikes intimidating, the way they are delicately used in this short hairstyle makes them appropriate for almost anyone. Last but not least, the tapered neck really finishes off the look and makes this short hairstyle look very elegant.


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