Short Pixie Haircut for Black Women from Karline Ricketts

This beautiful short hairstyle is excellent for today’s black woman on the go. The look was created by West Palm Beach, FL cosmetologist Karline Ricketts from Karline’s Salon, one of the most published black hair salons in the Miami area. Often, the woman- on-the- go, loves styles that are versatile, easy, yet sharp! Being able to wear a style that can translate fiercely from office, to home, to gym, to Paris is a hot commodity for a woman. For that reason, this pretty pixie is a HIT! Many people believe that new, automatically means better, but let’s face it, when it is not broke… and is classic as this cut, DON’T FIX IT! Even in 2018, the pixie is alive and well! POWER TO THE PIXIE!

Salon: Karline’s Salon
Stylist: Karline Ricketts
Model: Angela
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

This soft cut shows that all power isn’t raging. The overall style is ageless and brings boldness to show off the face. Just like the layers in this cut, adding to the beauty, gentle curls then boost with an elegant layer! This style allows you to do what many dream of… be able to walk straight out of the office, straight into night-life fun, without the hassle of a new hairdo! Walking into your next family gathering, date, or speaking engagement with this polished pixie, will immediately grab complimenting attention. This cut screams sassy yet classy!

Even for those new to short hair, this look is the perfect way to start your new hair journey! With all the tasks of most women in the modern day, the easy breeze of this style is most refreshing! The soft wave of curls are easy to maintain. If only the rest of life could be as easy! Although the hair is a short cut, feminine touches around the nape and sides keep the short look gentle.

You are in the best of hands with the talented staff at Karline’s Salon in West Palm Beach because they are experienced, skilled, and professional stylists. You won’t regret letting the stylists of this salon create your own perfect short curly look! Rush in today and prepare to fall in love with your new look or feel free to give them a call at (561)- 471-0900.

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