Short Precision Haircut from Shana Lucky-Scipio in Darlington, SC

Short hairstyles for black women will never go out of style. From the days of Josephine Baker, short hairstyles have been used by African American women to showcase their self-confidence. This look is a short precision haircut with soft curls around the sides and spikes in the top. The beautiful aspect of this hairstyle is its versatility. This short haircut will look great in any situation also. You can wear it in the boardroom during the day and easily transition to a night of fun and games with your girlfriends. This style works well wherever you go. Shana Lucky-Scipio, a professional hairstylist from Hartsville, SC created this alluring short precision haircut.

Salon: Armani’s Hair Studio
Stylist: Shana Lucky
Model: Veronica
Makeup: Enrika Wilds

Short Precision Haircut

The foundation for this beautiful hairstyle is its short precision haircut. This haircut was customized by Shana Luky-Scipio to match her client’s facial features, lifestyle and personality. Shana ensured that this haircut would highlight her client’s positive features while also creating a carefree hairstyle that would not require a heavy maintenance schedule. On top of the precision haircut, Shana added some soft curls throughout the sides of the hairstyle. The soft curls add movement to the sides also. By softening the curls, Shana can add movement without creating a look that would be too hard to wear in a professional situation. In the very top, Shana added some short spikes. The spikes are kept soft also. These spikes add a fierce touch to this short precision haircut, yet they don’t overpower the overall soft hairstyle.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyle for Black Women

This haircut is designed to look fierce for any occasion and be easy to manage at home as well. Professional hairstylist Shana Luky-Scipio from Hartsville, SC wanted to create a soft hairstyle that would look good anywhere and be easy to maintain also. Taking care of this short look is as simple as using a daily moisturizer on the hair and scalp. Shana also recommends wrapping this hairstyle every night with a silk or satin bonnet to lock in that moisture. With a regular shampoo and conditioner schedule, Shana’s clients can expect to keep this short precision haircut looking salon fresh for 4 to 6 weeks. This short precision hairstyle is truly the best of both worlds also. This style looks great for any occasion and it’s incredibly simple to maintain as well.

Introducing Shana Luky-Scipio from Armanis Hair Studio in Hartsville, SC

Shana Luky-Scipio is a professional hairstylist located at Armanis Hair Studio, 416 S 5th Street, Suite – 3B in Hartsville, SC. Shana is a nationally published hairstylist whose work has been featured in many black hair publications. While she is proficient in every area of haircare, Shana is an expert in short hairstyles and precision haircuts. Her professional work ethic and her passion for the industry shines through in every hairstyle that leaves her chair. This is why an appointment with Shana is in such high demand also.

When you’re ready to transform your look into something totally different, stop by Armanis Hair Studio in Hartsville, SC or give Shanna a call at (843) 968-8225 and let her create a new look for you.

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