Short Sexy Pixie Cut With Highlights from Dominique Blount

Let’s talk about taking the chop and getting rid of some of that length. Are you ready for it? If so, then it is time for a short pixie hairstyle for black women. You’ve been debating it for a while now, so why not get one that is ultra-cute? This look is so soft with all the brown highlights. It will completely change the look of your face.

Salon: Prime Hair Studio
Stylist: Dominique Blount
Model: Antoinette
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

 Beautiful, Versatile, Haircut

A look like this is great because the curls can go in or flip out. The way that the model styles it is truly unique. She has a bit of both. At the crown and top of her hair, the curls flip out. And for the bangs, they curl under nicely. It is ultra-chic.

The side of the hair is what makes this look completely unique. The curls cascade in rows curling under. This looks neat and tidy but also adds visual interest. The hair continues to flow in a nice continuity. You will look just as great from the side profile as from the front of the head. In the back of the hair, there is the same gorgeous curl pattern. Just curl after beautiful curl in layers.

Introducing Dominique Blount from Prime Hair Salon

Now that you know you need this cut, you must come into the right salon. This look was created by Dominique Blount at Prime Hair Studios in Pensacola, FL. The salon’s phone number is (850) 430-9810. You will be met with a lot of friendliness and come out feeling fresh.

Make sure that you tell the salon you want this exact haircut, so they can book in time for the brown highlights. You might have been on the fence about short hair before, but seeing this look, you are sold. So, come on down to the salon and enact your vision. Dominique is waiting to give your hair some magic.

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