Short Black Hairstyle with Color and Curls by Kenya Young

Salon: Young Sassy & Unique
Stylist: Kenya Young
Model: Keisha
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Over the years as a black hairstylist I have seen many hairstyles come and go. As the industry changes so do the hairstyles. Today I have created a short and sassy but also professional look for my client. We started by using the Influance Deep cleansing Shampoo. This was to assure that all residue and particles were cleansed from the hair shaft so that other products can be evenly penetrated into the hair cuticle. We then went in with their moisturizing shampoo to add softness back into the hair. The color combo we chose to use was the Influance Blue moon around the sides and back and a mixture of Autumn Leaf and Candy Apple to give her a fierce combo that will reflect in the sunlight in many different ways. I always use a mixture of Influance curling wax and thermal press (pressing cream) to apply to the hair after it dries. This gives the hair great shine adds softness and keeps hair managed as the thermal press has a humidity blocker. In this particular hair style I decided to add hair extensions to give her a fuller and different look. The spring curl pattern used gave a nice old school approach to the hairstyle. Kenya would love to create one of her signature hairstyles for you. Give her a call at (919) 444-9089.

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