Side Braided Faux Mohawk with Hair Color from Patricia Clinkscales

Let us all just take a pause for a moment and revere this most perfected style! This side braided faux mohawk will leave you giddy with fierceness overload! Everything about this look screams Y.E.S! Patricia from Why Knot? Hair Salon has managed to WOW us with this hair wonder! This look from Patricia delivers technique, creativity and just flawless skill! Looking for a hot new look? Feast your eyes on this!!!

Salon: Why Knot? Hair Salon

Stylist: Patricia Clinkscales

Model: Quentella

Make Up: Deirdre Clay


Patricia Clinkscales is The Best

Professional hair stylist Patricia Clinkscales has really done it with this makeshift mohawk! The architectural structure of this style is jaw-dropping. Beautiful cornrows are the frame for these khaki curls! These aren’t you everyday cornrows! Patricia added texture and patterns in the braiding. That is called skill and technique. The flare that the cornrows with patterns adds to the hair styles fashion is genius! The braided patterns create an edgy and rock star affect. Not to mention, the braided sides look like the short sides of a mohawk.


Khaki Curls

The fun doesn’t stop there! Included in this look are luscious brown khaki curls. The curls give the mohawk appeal as being the long hair down the center of the style. They are medium size spring spirals that also softens the edgy looking. This contract adds versatility to this do. Now this style can translate from a party look to daytime classic with no issue.


Come Visit Why Knot? Hair Salon

Why Knot? Hair Salon is located in Fayetteville NC. Outstanding customer service is their main focus. In a time where customer service is nearly a thing of the past, Patricia and the staff of Why Knot? Hair Salon offers a refreshing and genuine care for each client and potential client.


Are you loving this style too? Book you appointment with Patricia today! Call Why Knot? Hair Salon and set up your appointment. Leave the rest of the work in the capable hands of Patricia.

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