Silk Press with Color Melt Ombre Hairstyle from Dominique Blount

Some styles just look runway ready. This one works on a lucky child or an adult. The result is voluptuous locks that have just the right amount of ombre. The red makes the entire haircut stand out.

Salon: Prime Hair Studio
Stylist: Dominique Blount
Model: Ava
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Beautiful Bob Hairstyle

If you need a pick me up, then consider this style for your needs. It has a bit of everything. There is some length as well as the manageability of being a bob. Bobs have been in style for a long while now. There seems to be no stopping them from gracing runways and magazine covers everywhere.

You are a perfect candidate if you wanted silk pressed hair that you can actually manage. If you are simply tired of always having to deal with spiral curls. If you are needing that fresh look that will carry you through a season. Then you are certainly someone who needs to get down to the salon for this color melt ombre.

Introducing Dominique Blount

Dominique Blount from Prime Hair Studio in Pensacola, FL will give you everything that your heart desires. You can reach the salon at (850) 430-9810 to book in for an appointment. You will want to be getting this look as soon as you can so that you can look fabulous and fierce.

Your friends will all be wondering how you worked up the courage to do something so bold with your hair. It will entice you to try other new things in your life as well. One adventure seems to beget another. So, get your look today and be the envy of the town. And soon those songs about red heads will be making sense to you. You will really get the look of your dreams with this cut. And it won’t be too dramatic either, so you won’t come home from the salon crying. It’s true- we’ve all done it.

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