Simply Chic FLOTUS Bob Hairstyle from Tammy Herod

Salon: Tammy’s Hair Gallery
Stylist: Tammy Herod
Model: Shadajah
Make Up: Tammy

You will agree to the fact that the timeless FLOTUS Bob hairstyle seems more prevalent than ever. Designed in honor of our beautiful First Lady of The United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama, the FLOTUS Bob is elegant and functional. Whether your hair is black or blond, thick or fine, you will always look good with a bob hairstyle. Let’s take a look at this flattering bob hairstyle that works well for all faces.

The FLOTUS bob hairstyle is a chin-length cut and it’s the best hairstyle for accenting the eyes. If you have a round face and you are looking for a hairstyle that will create the illusion of length and leave room for easy styling then this type of bob is all you need. Most ladies love it because it just adds a better angle to a round face.

Black hairstyles are always great since they complement any type of dressing, formal or casual. The best thing about flotus bob hairstyle is the fact that you can always add a pop of lighter color in front to create a more angular shape around your face. There are various colors to choose from which means you can pick one that expresses your personality.

How to create a FLOTUS Bob
After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair, towel dry it until it looks damp. Create an off-center part above your left or right eye. You should then comb a portion of the hair to each appropriate side and comb fringe straight forward
Rake styling cream through your hair from mid-length to ends then blow dry your hair until it’s almost 70% dry. To keep the cuticle of your hair smooth, make sure you always aim your air stream from your new growth to ends.
Use a wrap technique and blow dry your hair with a medium paddle brush. To have a perfect flotus bob hairstyle, wrap your hair around your head as you aim in the same direction you are wrapping the hair. You can finish your hair with a bit of spray.
You can always get the best of flotus bob hairstyle from the creator and the best hairstylist in Oxford, MS, Tammy Herod from Tammy’s Hair Gallery or call (662) 236-2008.

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