Tammy Herod’s Curly Chic Long Hairstyle with Curls


Hairstylist: TAMMY B. HEROD


Latoya C. showcases a soft curly coif crafted and created by none other than Tammy Herod, the opulently skilled stylist whose hair creations rate none other than A+ every time. Latoya’s rod set soft curls are enhanced by a sew in weave. The front’s flowing soft curls frame her face, and fall delicately to her shoulders. 

The elegant rod set curls designed to last, make this soft curl cutie easily maintained. The use of the sew in weave augments Latoya’s natural hair, making it full, long, and luxurious. The care of her sew in weave is the same as her natural hair, so again, it’s easy to maintain. Tammy Herod’s expert hand is once again on point, bringing perfection to this special lady’s crowning glory!


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