Terresa Murray’s Purple Fusion Long Hairstyle

Salon: Hair Explosion
Stylist: Teressa Murray
Model: Shanell
Make Up: Tracie Esmond

Are you feeling a little bored and trying to find new ways to spruce up your long hairstyles? Well, in this image hairstylist Teressa Murray from Hair Explosion gives us a glimpse of her creativity with a bohemian braid and crinkles. The hair gives the appearance of somewhat of a waterfall but still manages to look neat and tidy. And it is all topped of with an elegant accessory. Let’s take a moment to discuss how you can achieve this same look.

What You’ll Need
Wrapping lotion
Fine tooth comb Hooded blow dryer Bobby pins
Styling moose
Oil or sheen
Preferred accessory

Step 1: Wash and Condition Start off by washing your hair and adding a little conditioner. As with any style, your hair will be much more manageable when it is clean and well moisturized.

Step 2: Shampoo Your Hair Wrapping your hair and allowing it to dry will ensure that your style comes about very smooth and straight. Wrapping is simple. After washing, use your fine tooth comb to divide your hair down the middle of your scalp, into two sections and then comb completely in order to remove tangles or knots.Take one section of your hair, beginning in the very back, and then comb it around to the front of your forehead. Pull the hair in circular motions so that it wraps around the entire head.Repeat the process until each remaining section is going in one uniform direction and your hair is smooth.

Step 3: Dry Your Hair Depending on the length of your hair, sit beneath a hooded dryer from one to one and a half hours. Just make sure that every section of your hair is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Comb Out And Divide Your Hair into Sections Comb your hair completely out from root to tip. And depending on where you would like your part to start, create one at the peak of the arch of your eyebrow or towards the end of your eyebrow and pull straight back. End the part just above your ear and smooth the sections down.

Step 5: Create Your Front Braid Take a sizable section of hair and begin to braid it close to the scalp (in cornrow fashion) so that it completely covers your hairline. The goal is to make your braid as big and as thick as possible so that it will have a more dramatic effect. End the braid just before you get to your ear and then pin with a bobby pin. Ensure that the braid is smooth and has no loose hairs.

Step 6: Braid The Back Of Your Hair Loosely braid the remaining back section of your hair, starting just above the ear. The bigger the braids, the bigger the bigger your crinkles will be. The smaller your braids, the more small and close together they will be. Also, you may decided not to braid all the way to the tips of your hair. In which case, you should use a bobby pin to secure the ends.

Step 7: Add Moose And Allow To Air Dry After braiding add a little moose to each one so that they set more easily and then allow them to air dry. If you would like to speed up the process but still want to avoid heat damage, then set your hand dryer to cool and light blow your hair dry.

Step 8: Apply Oil Or Sheen After your braids have set and are dry, take them down and lightly finger comb them. Add a little sheen or oil for shine and then your accessory.

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