Terrill Allison’s “Golden Goddess” Long Hairstyle with Curls

Salon: Marcus Doss Salon
Stylist: Terrill Allison
Model: La’Quasha

As you can see, this hair style is very luscious and beautiful. It brings out a sassy look in any girl! No matter what you look like, long hairstyles can make any girl look pretty. It shapes your face perfectly. Here are some simple steps to acquire these curly hairstyles. 

Make sure you have a thin curling iron. This hair style will not work with a thick curling iron. Separate your hair into about 1 inch think pieces as you go and twist the piece around the thin curling iron. Leave it on for 30 seconds. Do this repeatedly throughout your entire head and you will finish with this lovely hair style. If you are looking to copy black hairstyles like this one, you can also get some cheap hair dye at the store.

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