The Pinnacle of Short Hair Perfection from Tammy Herod


Hairstylist: TAMMY B. HEROD

Model: Krunda B

There are times in every woman’s life when she needs a sleek, sophisticated new short hair style. Unfortunately, many professional hair styles for short hair can be so trendy and out there that they are simply unflattering. It can be especially hard for black women to find stylists who can work with their hair to produce gorgeous, professional hair styles. Tammy Herod is a rare find, with her 21 years of experience in the business giving her superior skills in cutting and coloring hair. The spectacular style sported by model Krunda B. is an excellent example of the high quality that can be expected of Tammy Herod. With her sleek hair cropped just below her earlobes and highlights lending vibrance and extra shine, Krunda B. is the picture of classic, yet modern elegance. Once glance at the look makes it clear that this hairstyle can be taken anywhere, day or night. A truly easy to wear, yet flawlessly gorgeous cut, Krunda B.’s style is a paragon of excellence in the world of short hair styles.


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