The Top 10 Short Black Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Short hairstyles are currently all the rage, dominating the scene in Hollywood and hair salons all over the world. Despite the visibility of this look, many women still feel that they cannot pull off the cut with any success because they are not aware of just how many options are available for this style. However, exploring the true potential of short hairstyles begin now with these 10 cutting-edge creations.

We asked Deirdre Clay, a national platform artist, owner of Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville NC, and a member of our editorial team to search our short hairstyles gallery of over 700 Short Hairstyles and find the most trendsetting doos for the 2014 summer season.

As summer heats up, short hairstyles that offer freedom and breathing room are hotter than ever. Short hair that embraces curls and layering is a stunning look that has been perfected by Velesia Askew. Another wonderful thing about this cut is that it easily allows for multiple tones in the curls.

Freda Barnes is pushing the limit of short hair in hair salons by offering people a timeless look that is still dramatic. The cut is very short in the back and one one side while the sweeping bangs are left to inspire a sense of excitement and edginess. 

Combining both length and a close cut, Donya Kennedy has come up with a revolutionary new look that is modern in every sense of the word. The length in the back is perfectly juxtaposed to the short top that offers playful style and the freedom to still embrace bangs.

Ms. Scottie develops unparalleled style at the salon Shear Perfection. Her latest offering is ideal for any type of hair, including black hairstyles. Drawing on the traditional Bob, this style frames the face and inspires a sense of intrigue. It is also a great choice for a style that includes coloring of all kinds.

Natalie Jackson leads the way in black hairstyles by giving us a highly refined look whose emphasis is on flare. While the sides of the hair are cut extremely close, the energetic finish on top provides the freedom to work with bold color in way that you may not have thought to be possible.

There is no lack of boldness in the style being brought to us from Tiffany Cunningham. The bulk of the hair is left long in order to emphasize the short elements that give way to energetic strands that draw the eye.

Deidre Clay pushes the stylistic boundaries by creating a look that is elegantly composed in order to provide an aesthetic that uses on fluid movement all throughout the hair. The look offers both a sense of nonchalance with a definite, visual impact that takes no prisoners.

One of the most striking and well-composed short cuts we have seen comes from De’Nisha Aiken. The cut has a minimalistic appearance that carefully cuts a distinctive line across the brow with great success.

Dre’ Ramseur Blanton has developed a uniquely-layered style that can incorporate color fades like few other styles can mange. This low-maintenance approach is sensual and simple, making it a great choice for any woman.

Finally, Lashonda Howard gives us an extremely textured look that is sure to make you stand out in a crowd where short styles reign supreme.

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