The Urban Belle Up-Do Hairstyle from Wendy Perry

Salon: Young Sassy & Unique
Stylist: Wendy Perry
Model: Alexis
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

This beautiful side ponytail for black hair exemplifies chic style.  Wendy Perry at Young, Sassy & Unique Salon at 3219 Chapel Hill Road, Durham, North Carolina 27707 created this look.   This black hairstyle is an up-do crowned by a braid, and anchored by a low, side ponytail.  The back is a stunning swirl of molded curls that drop down into a sleek side ponytail.  We finished it with a heavy layered side bang. 
The client’s hair was relaxed.  Then it was shampooed and conditioned.   The client was placed under a dryer until the hair was 75% finished.  Then, it was dried completely using a blow dryer.  Wendy separated the client’s hair into two sections (two-thirds in one section and one third in the other section).  The larger section was barrel curled and pinned across the back of her head.  The smaller section was pulled into a low side ponytail, and barrel curled.  Finally, it was finished with a heavy, layered side bang curled up at the eye to create the sassy and hip Urban Belle Side Ponytail. 
Give Wendy a call at (520) 465-3249.


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