The Working Woman Short Bob Hairstyle from Steven Michael

The working woman short bob hairstyle is one of those black hairstyles that is sexy and sophisticated ,as a result, the look is always in style. The style is appropriate for a night out on the town partying or working in a modern office. The fact is that short hairstyles for black women are back. More and more women are opting to throw out their long hair weaves and go with one of the popular sleek short bob hairstyles like the one’s worn by a number of high profile black celebrities. The style in the photograph was created by Steven Michael from Steven Michael Hair Studios in North Charleston, SC. This style is frequently requested in North Charleston hair salons, maybe you can get it next.

Salon: Steven Michael Hair Studio
Stylist: Steven Michael
Model: Simone
Make Up: Tierra Nichole

Getting Started

First of all, it is important to gather together the tools required to create this fun and flirtatious black hairstyle. You will need a 3/4 to 1 inch barrel curling iron, styling combs, brush, clips, hair holding spray, moisturizing lotion or cream. This is one of those bob hairstyles that need tender loving care along with a precision cut before starting, therefore its very important to trust your professional cosmetologist to get this look correct. Start with chemically relaxed hair that is in good condition or hair that is freshly shampooed, conditioned, and straightened with a flat iron or curling iron. Add moisturizing sheen with Shea Butter to nourish and protect hair before continuing.

Step One – Take a comb and separate the hair into easy to work with sections. Separate the crown area on the head. Take a large clip and gather the hair together on the crown and clip it. Proceed to separate the hair on the left side of the head and clip down, separate right side and clip down. Take the entire back section of the hair, comb together and clip down.

Step Two – Remove the clip on the back section of hair. Heat up the curling iron. Divide the hair into two sections. Take the curling iron and curl the sections, one at a time. Remove curls and spray with hair, holding spray. Repeat the same process on the sides and the crown section.

Beautiful Hair Color Added to this Short Bob Hairstyle

Step Three – Let the fresh curls cool and get ready to style your hair like the flirty style in the picture. Part the hair at an angle on the left or right side. Use your fingers or a styling comb to loosen the curls. Run hands through the curls and let them flow freely and above all else, add your own special touch.

Step Four – Take your styling comb and start combing and arranging the hair in the sleek style shown in the picture. Remember to take the crown section and flip to the side. You might want to give the bang section an extra curl with the curling iron. Arrange appropriately and spritz with oil based hair holding spray.

Introducing Steven Michael from Steven Michael Hair Studio

Black hairstyles come and go, therefore short hairstyles for black women are very trendy and classic at the same time. Bob hairstyles that are cut at an angle and frame the face are truly elegant beacause they acentuate the models face.. Like this hairstyle? This gorgeous hairstyle was created by Steven Michael from Steven Michael Hair Studios in North Charleston, SC Phone number (843) 566-4414. Contact them for more information on this hair style.

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