This Black Women’s Short Rainbow Hair Color is Breathtaking

African American women are embracing brush cut hairstyles more than ever. Brush cuts signify a level of confidence and they announce a take-charge personality. Frances Roach, a professional hairstylist from Wave Links Hair Studio in Fayetteville, NC created this faded brush cut hairstyle for her model. As hot as the brush cut hairstyle is, the signature of this look must be the custom rainbow hair color Frances created. This black woman’s short rainbow hairstyle features different hues of blue, green, and yellow. This hairstyle is designed for the woman that wants to be the center of attention wherever she goes. The color alone is amazing, added to the precision brush cut and this hairstyle is fierce.

Stylist: Frances Roach
Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 864-8777
Model: Eva
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Black Woman’s Short Rainbow Hairstyle

A swirl technique was used to create a custom hair color. You definitely can not get a hair color combination like this out of any box set. Frances Roach created a specific hair color formula designed just for this model. Frances used a coral blue in the top and gradually transformed the color to lime green and ending with a bright canary yellow in the nape area and widow’s peak. The rainbow hair color technique melts the different colors flawlessly also. This black woman’s short rainbow hairstyle is designed for the personality that strives to be unique. There is literally nowhere you will go that this hairstyle will not grab the attention in the room.

The hair color lays perfectly over a beautifully crafted brush cut hairstyle. This precision haircut features faded sided with a little extra length left in the top. The bold lines of the brush cut hairstyle flow beautifully with the vibrant colors of the rainbow hair color also. Professional hairstylist Frances Roach from Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. in Fayetteville, NC created a precision brush cut hairstyle with a beautifully blended rainbow hairstyle.

Taking Care of This Black Woman’s Short Rainbow Hairstyle at Home

One of the best aspects of this black woman’s rainbow hairstyle is its low maintenance requirements. This is literally a get-up-and-go hairstyle also. This is a perfect look for a busy fashionista that doesn’t have the time for a complicated home maintenance schedule. Frances Roach designed this look to be awesome to the eye and easy to take care of. In order to keep this black woman’s short rainbow hairstyle looking “salon fresh”, Frances suggests using a daily moisturizer, brushing daily and using a wave cap at night.

Introducing Frances Roach from Wave Links Hair Studios Inc. in Fayetteville, NC

Frances Roach is a professional hairstylist located at Wave Links Hair Studios Inc., 5114 Yadkin Rd., Suite – 136 in Fayetteville, NC. Frances has earned a reputation for precision haircuts and attention to detail also. She has a definite passion for her craft. Frances listens to her clients and incorporates her professional knowledge to deliver one-of-a-kind hairstyles for her clientele. Her understanding of color theory can create a customized look just for you. Stop by Wave Links Hair Studio or give Frances a call at (910) 864-8777 and let her work her magic for you.

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