This is One of The HOTTEST Black Hairstyles With Swoop Bangs for 2020

This is definitely one of the hottest Black hairstyles with swoop bangs available today. Rose Smith from Mz. Magic Wand Hair Co. in Ellenwood, GA created this short pixie haircut and added a heavy swoop bang in the front. Rose also added a custom hair color to the bang that features a deep indigo blue at the base and graduates to turquoise at the ends. The deep blue hair color adds a beautiful contrast to the model’s natural color. This swoop bang hairstyle is a definite yes for any fashionista who wants a fierce look that is easy to maintain also.

Salon: Mz. Magic Wand Hair Co.
Stylist: Rose Mz. Magic Wand
Salon Phone: (770) 330-9288
Model: Lesi
Makeup: Enrika Wilds

Black Hairstyles With Swoop Bangs Are the Hottest Trend for 2020

Heavy or swoop bangs are very popular in today’s Black hair fashion scene. The ability to create a peek-a-boo effect is intriguing to many African American women. Rose Smith added 100% human hair extensions to her model’s precision haircut in order to create the volume needed for her bang. She decided to use human hair because it gave her more versatility and had a longer lifespan than synthetic hair extensions. Rose wanted to be able to curl the bang and she knew that human hair extensions would give her more latitude to create her desired look.

Rose also wanted to add some flair to this short hairstyle for Black women. Before adding the hair extensions, Rose applied a customized hair color process to the bang area. She melted an indigo blue tone into a turquoise blue at the ends. The vibrant blue hair color creates a fun splash in front of this style that announces to the world that the woman with confidence just walked into the room.

Swoop Bangs on a Precision Haircut

The foundation of this look is the precision brush cut hairstyle created by Rose Smith from Mz. Magic Wand Hair Co. in Ellenwood, GA. The short hairstyle is fashioned into a pixie look that features a design part on the left side also. This short hairstyle is bold and it highlights the model’s natural features. When you add the heavy swoop bang to the front and the vibrant hair color on top of that, you have a magnificent short look that exemplifies what today’s black hairstyles with swoop bangs is all about.

Taking Care of This Short Hairstyle With a Swoop Bang

When Rose Smith designed this elegant short hairstyle for Black women, she ensured it would be easy to maintain also. Rose recommends using a color safe shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis. This will help the custom hair color last longer. You should also use cool water during the shampoo and conditioner process. This will also aid in keeping your hair color vibrant. Along with the shampoo and conditioner, Rose says you should wrap your hair at night with a silk or satin bonnet and use a daily moisturizer. These actions will keep your hairstyle looking it best for some time to come.

Introducing Rose Smith from Mz. Magic Wand Hair Co. in Ellenwood, GA

Rose Smith is a nationally published professional hairstylist located at Mz. Magic Wand Hair Co., in Ellenwood, GA. Rose has earned a reputation for giving her clients stunning hairstyles that will keep their own hair healthy as well. Give her a call at (770) 330-9288 and let Rose Smith create one of the hottest black hairstyles with swoop bangs for you.

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