Tiffany Cunningham’s Short Hairstyle with Hair Color

Salon: Tiffany’s Salon

Hairstylist: Tiffany Cunningham

Model: Jamila C

Stylist Tiffany Cunningham of Augusta, Georgia created this unique style for model Jamilia Coleman. Jamilia’s edgy, rocker style is cut short to the left side of her face while the hair on the right side is cut into choppy layers that extend down below Jamilia’s chin. The long hair to the right side of Jamilia’s face extends down in soft waves that curl both backwards and toward her face. The ends of the long lengths of hair are tinged in shades of bright red with a few strands of deep blonde that contrast with the dark black color of the rest of Jamilia’s hair. The red and blonde colors swoop to the back of Jamilia’s head to create a beautiful swirl.



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