Trendsetting Curly Invisible Ponytail by Alexandra Sims

Long, Invisible Ponytail

Do you dream of a cascading ponytail that has volume and style? Then you need this invisible ponytail by Alexandra Sims. The hairstyle was created using a sophisticated weave technique that will ensure your hair stays healthy as you wear the style. It will be so polished and yet give you a youthful glow. You can enjoy a throwback to your youthful era with a sophisticated, adult twist.

Salon: Flashlight Hair Salon
Stylist: Alexandra Sims
Model: Jatija
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Beautiful Weave Technique

You will certainly not be able to get this much volume without a weave. The stylist packs all the hair that she can into this pony. It’s full of beautiful curls so you will have the low maintenance that you need in the morning.

You don’t have to wonder about how to get great hair. You can just choose this look online. It will be an obvious choice if you have been meaning to opt for a ponytail style for a while now. Now you can look as good as you feel. Pair up this pony with fancy clothes or just with jeans for a casual day about the town.

Introducing Alexandra Sims

Now that you know that you need this look, you must visit stylist Alexandra Sims at Flashlight Hair Salon in Durham, NC. The salon’s phone number is (678) 862-4723if you simply cannot wait to get what you need. You can book in but also make sure to point out the style you want. The stylist will need time to get the weave that you need for this one.

Enjoying your real hair as well as some weave has never been easier. You will get a lot of pleasure from walking around town with this magnificent haul of hair. You don’t even need to flip your hair to get that compliment. Anyone seeing you will be able to tell how much work that you put into yourself. You deserve this welcome treat and escape from the ordinary. Enjoy your extraordinary ponytail while you have it.

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