Universal Salons Gets 51 Hairstyles in a Major Publication

sophisticate's-August-2016It is truly an honor for our company to be responsible for getting so many cosmetologist around the country published in major publications on a regular basis. Over the last 10 years we have gotten literally thousands of hair stylists published in an effort to introduce the world to the local cosmetology talent located in their own communities.
This month, Universal Salons is honored to announce that we have 51 new hairstyles published in the August 2016 issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. We have had a long relationship with Sophisticate’s for some time and we use that relationship every month to introduce the many hair salons that honor us with the ability to create their hairstyle images to the hundreds of thousands of Sophisticate’s viewers.
The ability to have a cosmetologist’s hairstyle images broadcast all over the world is just one of the many benefits that come with participation in a Universal salons photo shoot. Participants in Universal Salons photo shoots also receive placement on UniversalSalons.Com, the opportunity to work with Chip Foust, the use of professional make-up artist, multiple magazine submissions, hi-resolution CDs, stylists’ blogs, free online appointment bookings, and personalized salon apps.
UniversalSalons.Com has become the digital meeting place for cosmetologist and their potential clients. With thousands of visitors every day, UniversalSalons.Com is directly responsible for the relationships many customers have with their cosmetologist today. Cosmetologist now have the opportunity to add a web store and online booking to their UniversalSalons.Com webpages.
Chip Foust is one of the most published hair photographers in the world today. Mr. Foust has been published in national publications for over 20 years now. His work has graced magazine covers across many nations. In 2015, Mr. Foust has over 300 hairstyles published in national publications around the world.
Every make-up artist hired by UniversalSalons.Com has a pre-requisite of being featured in national publications. Many of our make-up artists are some of the most regularly published in the cosmetology industry. This month, the make-up featured in the August issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide was from our talented team of Deirdre Clay, Chandra Peak, Ursula Kershaw and Tierra Nichole.
While it’s a great honor to be featured in any issue of Sophisticate’s, UniversalSalons.Com uses our relationships to get our hairstyle images published in multiple publications around the world. Some of the other publications we have relationships with are Hype Hair, Inspire, Latest-Hairstyles.com and many more.
When a cosmetologist participates in a photo shoot with many photographers, they receive low resolution images of their work. This means when the cosmetologist tries to print out images of their work, it is often pixilated or blurry. UniversalSalons.Com gives our cosmetologist the full, hi-resolution images that came straight from the cameras.
Now cosmetologist who utilize the services of UniversalSalons.Com have the ability to create their own online blog. Blogs are an extremely beneficial way for cosmetologist to gain powerful Search Engine Optimization rankings as well as another avenue for communicating with their clients.
Cosmetologists also have the ability to get free salon booking software added to their webpages on UniversalSalons.Com. Potential clients can send their cosmetologist information on their next desired service by either e-mail or text.
One of the biggest new features we offer at UniversalSalons.Com are personal salon apps. This gives each hair salon the ability to give their clients an app on their mobile devices that gives that client the ability to have constant contact with that salon.
Once again, we would like to congratulate all of the hair salons featured in the August issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. You can see the individual hairstyles below.

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