Universal Salons Gets 9 Models Published in the New Issue of Inspire Hairbooks Volume 91

Artistic expression exudes itself through countless mediums and techniques available to humanity. Hairstyles are ever-changing, meaning that as hair grows, people have the ability to create the look that satisfies them in that particular moment in time. Unlike a tattoo that remains the same, hair can be colored, cut short, curled, straightened, framed or layered. There is no limit to what you can do with it. Professional hair salons offer many options. 

Recently, Inspire Hair Books showcased 9 styles that capture the creative passion of the hairstylists featured. As the photographers who captured these images, we would like to congratulate the hairstylists represented for the creative talent they share through their design.

Chandra Peak

Chandra proves that curls, whether long or short, bring out the passionate strong woman or enhance the delicate beauty of a sweet smile. Long layers with curls tame flyaway hair.

Stephanie Cameron Dailey

Stephanie shares her creativity with a long bob that gently frames the face. Red highlights contrast beautifully with dark hair, giving an elegant, mysterious appeal.

Amanda Nims

Amanda presents a youthful energetic style with hair cut in jagged long layers, enhanced by contrasting colors. This style is versatile and free spirited.

Kristin Brown

Kristin provides a demure, tapered bob short in the back, long in front. With fine hair and a touch of product, the hair’s shine captivates the eye. The cherub face and the simplicity of the cut give the illusion of length to the hair.

Halee Carnes

Halee mixes casual, kinked hair with smooth straight bangs, giving a dramatic, sexy contrast. The ash blonde hair gives a sense of innocence, while the childlike smile framed appealingly paints a vision of imp-like fun.

Erica Cole

Erica offers a bob style that gently frames the oval face. The bangs decrease length from the forehead to chin, giving a more balanced look. 

Andrea White

Sassy spiral curls with a hint of dark along the ends gives spark to Andrea’s unique hairstyle.

William Guthridge

William presents a chic everyday style that sweeps across the back with a hint of varying length. He adds a crisp contrast to the brunette hair using silver highlights.

Dierdre Clay

Dierdre Clay enhances high cheek bones, eyes and full lips with a well-defined bob with bangs that round the face. 

When you are looking professional hair salons, you will find many resources to help you decide what style is right for you. If it’s available, check out the hairstyles in the latest Inspire Hair Book. 

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