Updo Hairstyle with a Raised Braid from Kenya Rodgers

Updo Hairstyle with a Raised Braid from Kenya Rodgers




Danielle’s updo with a raised braid was crafted and designed by professional stylist Kenya Rodgers. Danielle requested a versatile updo with a raised braid and Kenya designed the perfect hairstyle to suit Danielle’s needs. The sleek style with prominent parts and an exquisite raised braid adds flair to an otherwise ordinary updo. This style is glamorous enough for a night on the town, yet versatile enough that Danielle can pull it off as an everyday style. Raised braids take a bit of time to perfect; though, once the style has been created and set, only a few touch-ups are needed to keep this style looking fresh. Danielle can manage her style at home in just a few minutes with the help of styling products that she already uses every day.


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