Updo’s with Twist Curls and Hair Color from Rashida Walker

Salon: Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology / Rock Hill, SC



Bridgette H. is a fun, lively, free-spirited outgoing person. She is always aware of the latest hairstyles and makeup by engaging in today’s popular and trendy fashions. Her favorite hairstyle for going out with friends after a long weekend is a spiral curls updo. Her long hair has beautiful naturally highlighted color with chestnut and ginger which complement her personality and skin. This updo can last as long as Bridgette decides to leave it up, or she can let each spiral curls ringlet down to frame her face to show the vibrant intensity of color in her hair. To set her unique spiral curls style apart from others, she showcases the rich color in her long hair into an updo with a side sweep bang.


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