Vibrant Cool Curly Hairstyle with Hair Color from Pamela Webster

Salon: GBM3
Stylist: Pamela Webster
Model: Elizabeth
Make Up: Lori Miles

Spice up your life with this beautiful cinnamon curly hairstyle with hair color created by Pamela Webster. This free-flowing style is cute and manageable. An understated curly do is hard to make look modern and trendy, but it was accomplished here when coupled with color. Highlights have been a favorite for many years, and there is no sign of that changing in the future.

Cinnamon Red Highlights in a Curly Hairstyle

Everyone loves spice! Pamela gave it all to us in cinnamon red precisely placed highlights in a loose flow of curls. She played on highlights and brown contrasts to create the unique colors. This free flow style is all but boring. The beautiful model is a young lady, but the style is versatile for all ages. Pamela can even tailor the look for your taste with no problem. In just this one does, you could rock sporty, elegant, night life, work or wedding. Now that is pretty impressive especially as a woman on the go. Maintain this perfect curly hairstyle with hair color by wearing a satin bonnet when laying down and fluffing back up the hair when going out. You are guaranteed compliments and admiring glances.

Introducing Pamela Webster from GBM3 Hair Salon

Pamela Webster is a part of GBM3 Hair Salon. She is a professional stylist with several years of experience and yet still has a fresh and trendy eye. The overall atmosphere of the salon is welcoming, warm and friendly. Many people love the experience there, so for time management purposes, it is advised to book your appointment in advance when possible. None the less, walk ins are accepted. Every client and every visit is important to Pamela and staff. They believe in professional service, timely services and pleasing the customer. Don’t miss the next available spot to revitalize your hair style. Book online through the website or call for the next available booking. 

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