Wave Links Hair Studios Creates New Looks for the New Year

Wave Links Hair Studios Inc. in Fayetteville NC uses hair extensions to create elegant black hairstyles for the New Year. Give these talented artist a call and let them create that new look for your New Year. They can be reached at (910) 864-8777 or visit their website at www.universalsalons.com/wavelinks

Let the talented hairstylist at Wave Links Hair Studios in Fayetteville NC show you how a few hair additions can transform you in the New Year of 2015.  There so many different hair additions techniques that are available to enhance your styles that are undetectable here at Wave Links we pride ourselves on perfecting them. Here are a couple of techniques that we offer at our salon.

Deirdre Clay’s “Water Wave” Long Hairstyle with Hair Color and Curls

The first technique which is worn by Sharitta and featured in Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide February issue is a full Sew-in with a small amount of your hair out to cover the top braid to give you more of a natural part look.  This is a technique which the hair  is braided down and sewn on to the braids.  To make sure the hair remains natural looking and not oily or weighed down we use Influance S3 Serum to keep frizz down and protect the hair from any heat damage. This method is great when transitioning out of your relaxer to chemical free hair.

Punk Rock Long Hairstyle with Spikes from Deirdre Clay

Khadja had breakage around the hairline so we chose to use the Interlock technique to lengthen her bang area. This is a no braid technique that you can relax or add hair color without removing the hair. For those of you with fine hair, you don’t have the bulkiness of the braid so the hair lays flat for great coverage.

Bob Hairstyle with Royal Blue Highlights from Tenika Brantley
For Brooke, she just wanted a little length and some color enhancement to her already medium length hair.  She also did not want to wear her hair for a long period of time, so we decided we would use Bonding Glue to install her tracks for a temporary look.  Make sure you return to the salon or either purchase some Influance Natural Organic Oil to remove your tracks safely.
Short Hairstyle with Hair Color from Deirdre Clay
Sherrita wanted to try a short look without cutting her hair so we utilized the Quick Weave method to achieve her look, with Bonding Glue also.  With this technique you must keep all oil off of the hair so we suggest that you use the Influance S3 Spray to give it a shine and more manageability.
Ponytails are easy to manage and a stylish hair addition that will add flare to your new look for the new year. Ponytails can be created in many different styles and variations. Here are three different ponytail looks we can provide for you at Wave Links Hair Studio.  
Wedding Ponytail Hairstyle from Deirdre Clay
First we have Asia with this beautiful upsweep ponytail with a very heavy bang an vibrant color to accent this ponytail. Her ponytail was simply pulled up and wrapped around to make it into an elegant bun.  This would look wonderful for a bride, to attend the prom, or just for the evening out. To ensure that this style will maintain its shape we suggest that you use Influance Firm Hair Spray to keep every hair in place for your special day.
Awesome Ponytail with Hair Color from Deirdre Clay
Next we have Rena with a feather bang and a versatile deep wave ponytail for a fun look.  Influance Glaze Edges would be used to keep her edges smooth and laying silky.  This ponytail was simply installed with hairpins and can be taken off every night and reapplied easily the next morning.  
Natural Updo with Hair Extensions from Deirdre Clay
Christina has natural hair so we used the Influance Firm Holding Foam to achieve a double strand twist set on the outer perimeter of this hairstyle.  Making sure we twist the hair going upward towards the crown of her head.  After loosening our two strand twist we used Influance Organic Complex to add shine to this look.  For fullness in the top we use some Marley braiding hair that we wrapped around the ponytail we made with her natural hair to give her more height and her hairstyle. This hairstyle is also wonderful for people who have relaxed hair but want a natural look.
These are just some of the many hair additions that we  at Wave Links hair Studio here in Fayetteville North Carolina prove to our clients.  So we invite you to “Come and  Catch the  Wave” in 2015 with a new look for the New Year and a new you.
Give these talented artist a call and let them create that new look for your New Year. They can be reached at (910) 864-8777 or visit their website at www.universalsalons.com/wavelinks
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