Wendy Perry’s Cascade Curly Updo

Stylist: Wendy Perry
Model: Breanniea

This is one of a modern, side swept updos that pins curly hair in a cascade down one side of the shoulder. 

1. Use a ½” curling iron to curl your entire head. You should have tight curls from root to ends.
2. Clip up all of your hair from the ears up so its out of the way.
3. Separate the bottom portion of hair into two ponytails and use clear rubber bands to secure them.
4. Pick which side you want the cascade to be on and twist the opposite side pony tail to the selected side so you hide the bands.
5. Unclip the top section
6. Pin top pieces to the base of the pony tail; Curling pieces around your finger and pin to cover up the previous pins.

Durham NC hair stylist Wendy Perry created this elegant updo. You can see more of Wendy’s work here.


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